At Terra Grain fuels, we believe in building a solid foundation of partnerships with producers.  As such, we offer several types of grain contracts and competitive pricing options for Saskatchewan producers. Being bonded by the Canadian Grain Commission, we're able to put producers' minds at ease when it comes to any financial concerns regarding deliveries.

With that being said, we offer immediate payment after delivery. Instead of having to wait months for payment, producers can expect to be paid within ten days of unload.

Another highlight of working with Terra Grain Fuels is guaranteed quick delivery. With the large capacity of the plant, we are always able to accommodate quick delivery needs, and producers can be assured that by the end of their delivery period, the grain will be moved.

Terra Grain Fuels offers a range of contracts for several varieties of grain. Contact us today for more information.

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All prices delivered to Belle Plaine, SK.
Please call to book your contract and delivery times.

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