The Terra Grain Fuels ethanol plant is located in the Rural Municipality of Pense No.160, near Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan and is a completely owned company with a local group of private investors.
Construction on the plant began in 2006. Terra Grain Fuels began producing and shipping ethanol in the summer of 2008. This facility is run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by a central control system and features leading edge technologies from around the world. This includes a state of the art lab with world class quality control on all of the biofuel products produced.

Terra Grain Fuels purchases approximately 15 million bushels or 400,000 MT of wheat from farmers within a radius of 160 kilometres of the plant every year. The plant produces 150 million litres of ethanol and 160,000 tonnes of dried distillers grains annually.

The company’s commitment to using locally grown wheat will assist in attaining a profitable and sustainable Saskatchewan wheat market, providing producers with greater flexibility for the future.

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